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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

It is a production that combines the beauty of real wood with standardized technology. The wood used is real oak, which is grown mostly in North America. That is very strong and durable. Oak wood is fine. It is a wood that is resistant to changes in weather conditions and resistant to insect bites well. Therefore suitable for hot and humid weather like Thailand. In addition, the engineered oak wood structure has been dried to meet standards. and compressed with termite protection solution This gives a guarantee that termites and moths will not destroy the wood for 5 years.

ไม้เอ็นจิเนีย พื้นไม้ Engineer wood
ไม้เอ็นจิเนีย พื้นไม้ Engineer wood
ไม้เอ็นจิเนีย พื้นไม้ Engineer wood

Product details
- Product name: Engineered oak wood
- There are 6 color patterns to choose from.
- Usage characteristics: Suitable for office floors, shop interior decorations.
- Outstanding features: There are several installation methods. Easy to clean
- Thickness : 12 mm.
- Size: 1.2x125.910 mm.
- Packing: 2.275 sq m./box, 20 pieces/box


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