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Woven carpet made from acrylic fibers and polypropylene is designed to suit
with use in offices, meeting rooms, corridors, hotels, banquet rooms, modern design
with a pattern that combines with stripes Perfectly, does not collect dust, durable, convenient
installed, can be used in both warm climates or cool areas with air conditioning
Can be woven according to the picture of the room, can be woven into a cut pile or loop.
(Loop pile) to increase softness and durability.

   product details
- Product name : Wilton weaving rugs
- There are a variety of carpet patterns to choose from, various shades.
- Usage characteristics: suitable for installing offices, hotels, banquet rooms
- Distinctive features: easy to clean with beautiful pattern
- Thickness : 8 mm.
- Size: width 4 m. x length according to customer requirements


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